Each PI will co-ordinate a team of senior scientists and research associates, and collaborate with world-leading experts to deliver the project. The computational infrastructure will be hosted in the Department of Computing at Imperial College London, and hardware has been chosen to allow outward-facing and expandable structures.

The Oxford University Team

Karla Miller

High-resolution MRI of post-mortem tissue

Jelena Bozek

dHCP Structural/Pipelines

Eugene Duff

Fetal and neonate resting-state Functional MRI analysis.

Sean Fitzgibbon

Neonate resting-state fMRI analysis and pipeline development

Stamatios Sotiropoulos

Diffusion MRI acquisition and processing

Matteo Bastiani

Neonatal and fetal diffusion MRI analysis

Saad Jbabdi

mathematical modelling of diffusion weighted MR

Slava Karolis

Fetal functional MRI analysis

The Imperial College Team

Sarah Parisot

Segmentation and Registration

Jonathan Passerat-Palmbach

Distributed computing, big data and reproducible science

Salim Arslan

Parcellation algorithms with resting state magnetic resonance imaging (rsfMRI)

Emma Robinson

Methods for spatial alignment of cortical surfaces

Antonios Makropoulos

Structural pipelines for the fetal and neonatal data

Gregor Lenz

XNAT and dHCP webapp development

Jianliang Gao

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Amir Alansary

Applying Machine Learning Models for Medical Image Analysis

John Cupitt

Ahmed Fetit

Machine learning-based processing and analysis of structural MRI

The King's College Clinical Team

Suresh Victor

Consultant Neonatologist

Mary Rutherford

Fetal and Neonatal Neuroradiologist

Serena Counsell

Neonatal image analysis

Tom Arichi

fMRI of the neonatal brain

Johannes Steinweg

Clinical Research Fellow

Katy Vecchiato

Clinical Research Fellow

Joanna Allsop

Superintendent Radiographer

Ana Gomes

Senior Radiographer

Elaine Green


Beatriz Santamaria

Research Nurse

Laura McCabe

Senior Research Midwife

Suzanne Hiscocks

Research Midwife

Lara Waite

Research Midwife

Chiara Nosarti

Head of Psychology and Outcome Studies

Andrew Chew

Research Psychologist

Shona Falconer

Research Psychologist

Vanessa Kyriakopoulou

Child Development Specialist

Kelly Pegoretti

Research Radiologist

Ellen McDonald

Research Coordinator - Participant Recruitment

Samira Datoo

Research Coordinator

Megan Earl

Research Coordinator

Sharose Hussain

Research Coordinator

Emma Aldrich

Recruiting Assistant

Adrienne Knight

Research Follow Up Coordinator

Nicholas Harper

Clinical Database Manager - Data Entry

Zeshan Rawn

Clinical Database Manager

Veena Supramaniam

Clinical Trials Manager

Rupa Bhundia

Clinical Trial Coordinator

The King's College Methods Team

Paul Aljabar

Medical image analysis and machine learning

Jeff Hand

MR safety modelling

Rita Nunes

MR physics

Donald Tournier

Diffusion analysis methods

Shaihan Malik

MR physics

Anthony Price

MR physics

Joshua Van Amerom

Fetal cardiac reconstruction

Lucilio Cordero-Grande

Motion-tolerant and advanced image reconstruction

Jana Hutter

MR acquisition and reconstruction for fetal examination

Christina Malamateniou

Optimisation MRI methods and translation to operational practice

Emer Hughes

Optimisation MRI methods and translation to operational practice - Superintendent Radiographer

Maria Murgasova

Advanced reconstruction and medical image analysis

Giulio Ferrazzi

MR methods and acquisition

Rui Teixeira

MR acquisition and reconstruction

Chris Kelly

Database development and excel guru

Daan Christiaens

Fetal Diffusion MRI

Dafnis Batalle

Brain connectivity and computational models

Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour

Christian Beckmann

Analysis of fcMRI

Alberto Llera

Methods development for functional and multi-modal data analyses

Management Team


Giovanni Montana

Mathematics of linking genetic and image analysis

Declan Murphy

Psychiatrist and PI of EU AIMS

Robert Plomin

Neurogeneticist from the Kings College London Genome Centre

Emily Simonoff

Neurodevelopmental assessment

Larry Wald

Senior partner of the HCP and an expert in MR coil design

Former Team Members

Oxford University

Mark Jenkinson

Structural and function-al post-processing pipelines

Imperial College London

Sarah Parisot

Segmentation and Registration

Antonios Makropoulos

Structural pipelines for the fetal and neonatal data

Gregor Lenz

XNAT and dHCP webapp development

King's College London

Amin Alamshah

Project Manager

Devinder Mehet

Clinical Trial Manager

Samira Datoo

Research coordinator

Johannes Stienweg

Clinical Research Fellow

Ellen Mc Donald

Research Coordinator

Ana Dos Santos Gomes


Julia Wurie

Research Nurse

Giulio Ferrazzi

MR methods and acquisition