In order to execute the components of the project, our investigators and collaborative teams are undertaking this project in milestone phases, structured into work packages (WPs):

Data Acquisition

Led by: Professor Jo Hajnal and Professor David Edwards

  1. Optimization and implementation of improved image acquisition and reconstruction technique
  2. Subject identification, recruitment and imaging
  3. Collateral data collection

Extracting, Visualizing and Analysis of the Connectome

Led by: Professor Stephen Smith and Professor Daniel Rueckert

  1. Computational platform for connectomics in the developing brain
  2. Connectivity-based registration
  3. Connectivity-based parcellation
  4. Spatio-temporal model of the developing connectome
  5. Connectivity analysis

Neurobiologic Interference

Led by: Professor David Edwards and Professor Stephen Smith

  1. Descriptive connectomics
  2. Comparison of connectomes in different populations
  3. Investigation of genetic and environmental effects
  4. Relation of connectomic data and neurocognitive ability