Relationship to the Human Connectome Project

The dHCP will take advantage of, and complement, work in progress to map the normal adult connectome. The Human Connectome Project (HCP) is developing a comprehensive open source informatics infrastructure based on XNAT software that allows continued addition of data and refinement in analysis, and the dHCP will utilize and extend aspects of this informatics architecture to leverage scientific, practical and financial efficiencies and avoiding expensive re-invention of informatics technologies; this informatics strategy means that both projects can contribute together to an evolving 4D lifecourse connectome. We will also collaborate with an HCP group developing improve MR coil hardware. We will maintain close contact with European adult connectome researchers in the Human Brain Project and EU Connect. Reseachers from all these groups have joined the dHCP Advisory Board.

Human Connectome Project

As previously mentioned, the dHCP extends upon the current research on mapping the normal adult brain connectome carried-out by the Human Connectome Project.

Much of the work leading up to the dHCP can be found in these HCP articles:

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